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Are you thinking about making the switch to solar energy? Estimates.Solar is the fast, reliable way to get free quotes from local solar installation companies near you. Enter your zip code above to learn how you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint with an affordable solar panel system.

Our Solar Panel Services

Solar Panel Installation

Get professional, hassle-free solar panel installation today. From the initial assessment through installation and support, you get expert service from a local solar pros.

Energy Audit and System Sizing

Worried about what size solar system you need? Let our pros audit your energy needs and recommend a solar system that can adequately power your home to maximizing savings.

Inverter Installation and Integration

Install or upgrade your power inverter to take advantage of the highest energy savings. Our experts install high-quality inverters that seamlessly integrate with virtually any solar systems.

Battery Backup System Installation

Add or expand your solar power batteries for even more energy independence. We will recommend and install battery options that fit your power needs and your budget.

System Upgrades and Expansion

Have your energy needs changed? Are your older panels or equipment performing lower than expected? Our experts make it easy to make cost-effective upgrades to any system.

What You Get with Us

Premium Solar Systems

Easily switch to a solar power system with efficient panels and a backup battery today.

Expert Solar Installation

Let local experts set up your new solar power system in as little a one day.

Save Money On Power

Install a new solar-powered system and reduce or even eliminate your electric bill.

Solar Is a Great Investment

Get a great return on your investment with a new high-efficiency solar power system.

Low Maintenance

Solar systems are very low maintenance and only require occasional health checks.

Free Quotes From Local Pros

The easiest way to quickly compare prices and features on solar power systems.

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